Liability Disclaimer

Can-Am recommends that all hardware installations, modifications and/or upgrades be made only by a qualified technician. Can-Am is in no way responsible for any damages that might occur from the use or miss-use of any hardware supplied to any person or company under any conditions. Can-Am recommends that before any hardware installation, modification, and/or upgrade is made to any computer systems that appropriate data back up is performed. Under no circumstances will Can-Am be responsible for any data loss or any other damages that may occur as a result of the use, miss-use or installation of any products supplied. This disclaimer of all responsibility includes data loss and/or physical damage whether consequential or inconsequential, business loss, and personal injury or any other type of damage or injury.

Payment and Shipping Policies

We reserve the right to decline acceptance of an order if we deem there is a good reason for doing so. HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), GST (Goods and Services Tax), and PST (Provincial Tax) will automatically be added to orders as applicable and this amount will be calculated and shown before you commit to the order.

Inventory Control & Sales Practices

Can-Am inventory is not real time and is controlled by late night price file updates. During opening business hours the inventory quantity and pricing will be most accurate. At the end of the business day posses the highest chance of inaccurate information on low quantity items. If you believe the inventory level is questionable, please use the “ask a question” button and request an update on the item you are interested in before processing your order through the checkout.

If in the event an item is purchased that is out of stock, Can-Am will make every attempt to source the product through its large distribution matrix. If the product proves to be completely unavailable or discontinued, your order will be cancelled and you will be informed by a Can-Am representative. Any payments made during this processed will be reversed immediately by our credit department.


All software is provided subject to the license agreement that is part of the package. Customer agrees that it will be bound by the license agreement once the package is opened or its seal is broken. Can-Am does not warrant any software under this Agreement. Warranties, if any, for the software are contained in the license agreement that governs it purchase and use.


Content used on this site may or may not have been created by Can-Am such as product listing, but any content that appears out side of product descriptions such as site graphics, logos, trademarks, are all copyrighted and may not be duplicated, reused, or copied without the expressed consent of the Upper Management of Can-Am. Violation of these terms will result in legal actions. Linking to graphics or any other content on the domain is prohibited unless linked with the Affiliate Program.


If you do not agree to any terms within this contract please do not do business with Can-Am by placing an order with Can-Am you are accepting the terms and conditions here set out.