At Can-Am we search for the latest hardware and software to provide state-of-the-art technology and achieve the maximum performance and productivity.

satellite-in-spaceGlobal Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is now a well-established technology which provides reliable and precise positioning information. The changes in GNSS hardware, software and processing procedures are accelerating at a high rate. 

Can-Am provides surveying services using the latest GNSS equipment in the market for gathering geographic locations on the field. In the office, we focus on productivity and reliability while choosing the best GNSS processing method for each client scenario.

Can-Am Field Crews are equipped with Trimble R8 GNSS Real Time Kinematic GNSS. This system is the latest version of RTK GNSS using more satellites and allows field crews to complete projects faster, safer and with less impact on the environment. Experience has shown that RTK GNSS has increased productivity by 30% over conventional methods. Can-Am also incorporates a unique GNSS quality control office procedure to verify all field work. This ensures that no irregularities are present in the raw GNSS data. Each field crew also carries a full complement of integrated conventional survey equipment for seamless transition in densely wooded terrain where satellite reception is unavailable.